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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Web Accessibility

Five things to make your website accessible:


Web  Accessibility is making your site accessible by disabled person easier like they may access your site without mouse or using voice recognition or by using screen-readers like JAWS and VOICE-OVER.

five things to be noted for this:

1. Each Web Element either DIV or DOM element should have TABINDEX

            <div tab-index="5">your content</div>
           <input type="text" id="your-id" tab-index="6"/>

2. Web Element should have ARIA-LABEL which should tell what needs to:


                 <button aria-label="click on this button to submit this form">Submit</button>

3. Hide Designing Elements / Unwanted Elements from reading from your website for more accessibility


            <div id="wrapper" aria-hidden="true">
                   <div id="inner-wrapper"  role="presentation">


It can be either done by aria-hidden or role as presentation

4.  Give custom role for Jquery Elements:

          example:  <div id="spinner" role="spinner"></div>

5.  Give alert message when something changes:
                     this can be done by updating text in a div and setting div as aria-live="true" .


Sunday, January 4, 2015

3 Best Resume Builders for Professionals

  1.   Stack Overflow Careers:

    Where you can build pretty decent resume for experienced professionals. 

  2. Krop: 

    It updates your resume, creates user-friendly URL where you can share.

  3. Linked In: 

    This is in BETA version but looks good and has various options for end-users